UCLA BASEBALL TEAM HEAD COACH TESTIMONIAL “Yoga turned out to be a weekly exercise that all of our pitchers & catchers benefited from. It allowed our players to move their bodies in new ways, some of the  improvements we saw in our players were  flexibility, strength, balance, relaxation and concentrationOur players really enjoyed Dr. Isabelle Du Soleil.  Her knowledge, experience, and presence helped develop our players flexibility and strength necessary to perform on the field.” John Savage, UCLA Baseball Head Coach, 2013 NCAA National Champions of World Series
"Isabelle's teachings help me find balance and energy in both my mind and body to get through my busy day. Her Vinyasa Flow Yoga is very cleansing, balanced and intelligent. I always feel at peace yet energetic afterwards. I enjoy most her warm and gentle approach to her teaching. I highly recommend her to people at all levels of Yoga practice. My first hope was to get my body back after pregnancy but now it has become part of my daily routine and a ritual. I even have my husband join me in our Yoga class a few times." Julie Chen Moonves, Acclaimed CBS TV Host for The Talk and Big Brother, TV Producer 
 " Isabelle Du Soleil's unique, powerful & visionary approach allowed me to go to the next level, both in my Yoga practice and in my life. Isabelle is a charismatic and inspiring Yoga Teacher who will empower you in every aspects of your life.” Vanessa Summers, Recognized Author, Online Entrepreneur, Business Consultant: "dubbed The Financial Guru " by CNBC
"Isabelle is a delight!" At UCLA her classes are top rated and she is considered a top notch teacher. Her classes are integrative and flow oriented with mindful mediation and pranayama. Dr Ronald Alexander, Ph.D, Leadership Consultant, Psychotherapist, international Trainer, and the Executive Director of the OpenMind Training Institute in Los Angeles
"Isabelle is a committed instructor, she transmit her experience to the students, she provides constant support, always sure every step is done properly, safety is her primary concern always correcting posture and share life experiences that last in the students.  Isabelle, thanks for sharing your radiating energy! All your classes are great and awesome, so intense and rejuvenating at once that I feel like I have a new body. Two days later, I still have lots of energy physically and mentally. Great job you do!" Ivan A. Lopez, Medicine Professor at UCLA School of Medicine 
"I recommend Isabelle from my heart as a teacher who lives and breathes her experience of an integrated, vital path of yoga in her classes. She has skill in the alignment foundation through her training at Yoga Works and depth through her Tantric and Ayurvedic studies in the US and India. she also extensively studied and certified in my Prana Flow® Yoga school:  Isabelle has infused this with the creative and dynamic approach at vinyasa flow into a synthesis that is subtle, yet powerfully effective. Most of all, she is a radiant and  heartful human being." Shiva ReaAcclaimed International Prana Flow® Creator & Yoga Teacher
Isabelle is a wonderful teacher, caring and patient. Isabelle has a vast background in health, healing and yoga. Her presence always lights up the room. Happy to recommend her. Dr Brendan Armm, DAOM,LaC, Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles
Isabelle is a kind and loving yoga teacher. Her knowledge about yoga is outstanding and she is excellent at listening to what your needs are and finding yoga that works for you. Doreen Stelton, Yoga Teacher & Theatre Management, Chicago
Isabelle is star. I have never found another teacher more inspired or talented that Isabelle. She is a true artist, an enlightened and compassionate teacher, and a spiritually connected and grounded soul. I highly recommend working with Isabelle on your journey toward peace and fulfillment. Megan Meyer, MSW, PhD, Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Social Work
I took yoga classes from Isabelle for several years at UCLA. Her classes have just the right mix of strengthening, stretching, and relaxation. She is a seasoned teacher, she knows the human body well, and she is an excellent practitioner of yoga. Take her classes! Aaron Mead, Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy at UCLA, Los Angeles
I have been working alongside Isabelle for many years. I know her work as a yoga and meditation instructor. Isabelle is incredibly educated and experienced as a yoga instructor, specializing in teaching Soleil Yoga Flow, her own style of Vinyasa & Tantra mix infused with ancient wisdom, modern science, breathing and meditation. Isabelle also gives several exciting retreats each year, and is well known as a wellness yoga instructor for corporations, companies, and private clients. Isabelle is an exceptionally disciplined and positive instructor and a joy to be around. Joan Moran, Yoga Teacher and Motivational Speaker, Los Angeles 
Isabelle’s yoga was just inspiring! Hidden meaning and affirmation is found in every pose, a downward dog pose was boosted with knowledge of the chakra and what we are breathing for. Isabelle helped us to visualize what is going on and why you are doing this pose. My 2-hour session with her was rather intense, I could feel my base chakra opening and releasing at the same time. The effects of her yoga is beyond my normal yoga session! She also combines and provides amazing knowledge on the Law of the Universe and how energy works well with positivity. Sabina Ahuja, World Traveler from Thailand
ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!! Isabelle is hands down the most amazing yoga instructor that I have EVER studied with!!! She has a wonderful demeanor that is bursting with joy, endlessly playful and full of spunk. You can feel it from across the room like a magnate. And it encourages you to go a little deeper, stretch a little further, breath a little slower with every pose. Her vibe it completely contagious! Everyone is glowing at the end of class, no matter what level your practice is at.
What I love most about Isabelle and her classes is that they are full of energy and laughter. She will push you to take your yoga to the next level while laughing and playing like animals the whole way. You won't even realize how hard you worked and will still want more at the end of the class. Isabelle plays great music during her class that always suits the mood of the moment. It was one of the few things that I would get up and out of bed for at 8:00 am. Man, I wish I were going to one of her classes tonight! Tikvah Heller, San Francisco Bay Area - ‎Office Coordinator at Golden State Warriors
“Passion” I've become more passionate about my yoga practise since I've met Isabelle. She has taught me much about the physical and spiritual lessons of yoga, and has lead me to some new understandings about myself. She is my guru :) Lisa Zaretsky, Pharm.D, Doctor in Pharmacy, Morden, Canada
During two Yoga retreats, one in greece last year and this year in the Southwest of france(Gers), I had the very unique positive Yoga experience combined with the scientific explanation that Isabelle as a Ph.D brought to our group with great clarity, intelligence and relevance. Jacques Raiman, Economist, CEO, Paris, France
I was with a group of ladies in the South of France this summer on an "Isabelle du Soleil" tour. The teaching and the lessons were fantastic as was the setting. As each attendee came to the mat with their level of strength and prior training, Isabelle addressed each one of us as if we were in a private session. We all grew and learned so much. Diane Baker, High Executive, Vancouver, Canada
I attended a yoga retreat with Isabelle and my yoga practice transformed to completely different level. She has a wonderful style combining spirituality, a deep understanding of the chakras and a great, varied physical practice. Take her class! Learn from her! Liz Graves, Cannes Festival Award Winning Producer, Los Angeles & New York
“My retreat with Isabelle was an important stepping stone in my Yoga journey...Isabelle goes all the way for her Yoga retreats. Her enthusiasm and depth of experience makes her a fabulous teacher. Great planning for maximum coverage of material and in depth practice. She is also expert in reading the group and being flexible with the schedules.” Catherine Parks from Cove, Oregon
"My retreat with Isabelle has been superb. The heart of it has been the Yoga and the beauty of the experience. She is a phenomenal teacher. She is so knowledgeable both about the physical nature of Yoga and also its history, meaning and background. The ambiance and esprit de corp has been terrific. Isabelle has taken extraordinary steps to make sure that everything we wanted to do has been done in a lovely and caring way. I will certainly come back on Isabelle’s Yoga retreats in the future.” Geri Palast from New York City.

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